About Me

Hey there!

I go by the name ReNewed Chick here. I chose the word ReNewed because I feel like my life is being rewritten, in a way. I am trying to navigate this thing called life, love and, yes, parenting and I am finding that things are so much more different now than when I was a child. I must say that being a single mom is a role that I never thought I would be in but I am taking it by the reins and trying to make the best of it. And yes, I invite you to join me on this ride! 🙂

In addition to being an ambitious writer/ blogger, I am an Entrepreneur, a REALTOR by trade, a reinvented DIY’er, lover of HGTV, major organizer, and I run a very, VERY active household with six children…talk about being busy and tired (you don’t even know)! Whew! *wiping my brow*

My ultimate goal is to serve my Father well, be an excellent mother and to be a role model for women in all walks of life. I would like to speak into the lives of women – young and old, black and white, married and single. I also want to inspire the single parents out there to take their role, as a parent, seriously because before we know it our kids will be grown, gone and impacting this world in their own way.

This blog, and all my other creative avenues, will give you a glimpse, and maybe sometimes even TMI, into my personal life. I talk about religion, real estate and homeownership topics, issues that affect, or may be of interest, parents (both single and married) and a whole host of other topics, including my views on various things happening around our world today.

I welcome comments and questions and respond to them all as soon as I am able to, so please do comment and ask me anything! I would love to get to know my community of followers on a personal level so feel free to share your stories with me on this journey. If you read something that helps you or that you think someone else can benefit from, don’t keep this to yourself, be sure to like, share and pass it along.

Follow me across social media both on my Realtor platforms and on my writing/personal platforms. You can visit my website at http://satomibrown.realtor and find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at RealtorSatomi (Realtor SM platforms) for all of your real estate needs. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at ReNewedChick to stay updated on all of my personal endeavors and life updates.

If you’re ready to talk open and honestly about life, love and parenting, all the ups and downs…

Check out my blog!

Disclaimer: This blog is only for people who know they are flawed and don’t claim to be perfect or have it all together (because, quite frankly, I don’t want to be the only one that feels like I’m just barely keeping my head above water!) 🙂

Peace and love, family!


6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I love this! None of us have it all together… you’re not the only one 😉 But I’d say anyone that has 5 children, is raising them as a single parent, and still ends the day with a positive outlook on life and the desire to inspire and uplift others like you do is doing better than most 🙂

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    1. Awww…thank you so much! I try to keep a positive outlook on life since we only have one to live and I definitely don’t want to waste it, lol 🙂 I figure you just have to try to see the good in everything because it’s so easy to see the negative (this world is full of it). Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed reading it! Stay tuned 🙂

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  2. Wow, I also have five children (four stairsteps and a slide, as an older friend of mine described it), and I have struggled to manage, even with the help of a co-parent. I love your optimistic attitude. 🙂

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