August 31: A Day In History

I thought it would be fun to end the month of August with a few facts. As always, please feel free to comment and/or add your own facts, as you see fit (or if I should miss anything that you may – or may not – remember happening on this day). Thanks for reading!

A Day In History – August 31st:

August 31st is the 243rd day of the year.

1422 – Henry VI, becomes King of at the age of 9 months.Kinetoscope

1886 – 1st major earthquake recorded in eastern U.S., at Charleston SC, 110 die.

1887 – Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope, (produces moving pictures).

1895 – 1st professional football game played.

1920 – Detroit radio station is 1st to broadcast a news program on the air.

1949 – Richard Gere (American actor, singer & producer) was born on this day.

1953 – KRBC TV channel 9 in Abilene, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting.

1953 – WKBG (now WLVI) TV channel 56 in Cambridge-Boston, MA (IND) begins.

1954 – U.S. Census Bureau forms.

michael-jackson1965 – U.S. House of Representatives and Senate establish Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

1970 – WKMJ TV channel , KY (PBS) begins broadcasting.

1972 – Chris Tucker (American actor) was born on this day.

1976 – George Harrison found guilty of plagiarising “My Sweet Lord”.

1987 – Michael Jackson‘s “Bad” video premieres on CBS TV.

1990 – Ken Griffey Sr & Jr are first father & son to play princess-diana-2_2646947bon same team.

1992 – Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Cleveland, OH on WNCX 98.5 FM.

1997 – Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris.

2006 – Stolen on August 22, 2004, Edvard Munch‘s famous “The Scream” is recovered in a raid by Norwegian police.

2006 – 23rd MTV Video Music Awards: Panic! At the Disco; Kelly Clarkson & James Blunt wins.

2012 – Apple loses its patent dispute with Samsung in Tokyo, Japan.


TBT: Live Your Dream

I was sitting here wondering what I should write about today and I ended up thinking about a guest post I wrote, that was published on a fellow bloggers’ blog site, about 9 months ago. It was entitled “Live Out Your Dream”. The contents of this particular post are basically self-explanatory when you read the title but I encourage you to read it and apply it to your life, in whatever way you see fit.Dream

With it being throwback Thursday and all I figured now was as good a time as any to introduce to some, and reintroduce to others, my philosophy on life;  my passion and reason for doing what I do (i.e. blogging/writing); and to just offer you some encouragement for your day, week and year. So, without further ado, why not take a few minutes to sit back, kick up your feet and head on over to the Happy Pretty Blog to read this “throwback” post.

Happy Thursday, Word-ies!

How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps

oas_9781621885054_270I am on this journey of reading different devotionals and books. I had not been able to read as much as I’d like to however, lately, I have had this “extra” time on my hands and decided to fill that time with God and with reading. It has been truly refreshing. Recently, I was sent a new devotional, through my Bible app, and I decided to check it out. It was entitled “How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps”. Yeah, it was a little weird to me too as first but I promise you I am not making this up.

Usually when we think of having children and raising them, we typically don’t think of harming them and we definitely don’t entertain the thought of ruiningSeven-deadly-sins them. However, as I was reading through this devotional, I began to understand how we really can (and do) ruin our children and make life harder for them, and ourselves, than we may realize. Obviously, this devotional is Biblically-based and, as such, often refers to passages of scripture or sin that opens the door to a parent or guardian ruining their child.

So, here’s a little history (or cheat sheet) on the 7 deadly sins, which is hard-work-vs-lazinessultimately what is used to show how we can ruin our children. The seven deadly sins can be found in various books of the Holy Bible. Here is the breakdown:

  • Lust – to have an intense desire or need: “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed
    adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28).
  • Gluttony – excess in eating and drinking: “for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags” (Proverbs 23:21).
  • Greed – excessive or reprehensible acquisitiveness (interest in acquiring money or other material things): “Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more” (Ephesians 4:19).wrath
  • Sloth – disinclined to activity or exertion: not energetic or vigorous: laziness: “The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright is a highway” (Proverbs 15:19).
  • Wrath – strong vengeful anger or indignation: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Proverbs 15:1).
  • Envy – painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage: envyjealousy: “Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation” (1 Peter 2:1-2).
  • Pride – quality or state of being proud: inordinate self-esteem: haughty or puffed up: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”
    (Proverbs 16:18).

As you can see, many of these sins are not things we would normally greed-quotes-1consider to be that bad (or that big of a deal) but God looks at these traits differently than we do. Sometimes we are operating in these things and we do not even know it. Even when someone tries to point these things out in us, many times, we will accuse that other person of being mean or insensitive or just plain wrong about us. Sometimes that may be true but what if they are right about us? Then what?

We often hear people complaining about society and how the world isn’t like it used to be and our youth are not as respectful, compassionate, thoughtful as they used to be but let me pose this question to you. Do
you understand that many of these complaints stem from the way
someone was raised?

pride-quotes-8God has given us, who are parents in any way, the responsibility to raise our children to become the adults that we want to see them become. Raising a child is more than just providing for them financially and physically but it is guiding them spiritually, mentally and emotionally. It is giving them opportunities to make mistakes while they are still under your guidance and care so that you can correct them and help them to understand why something is “this way” and not “that way.” I would encourage any of you that have been given the opportunity to impact the life of a child, in any way, to read this devotional. I truly believe in the saying, “when you KNOW better, you DO better.”

I am PRO child support

Why is it that there are so many different views on child support? There are those who look down on you for enforcing this LEGAL act. Then there are others who applaud you for not letting the non-custodial parent “slide”. No matter how many times I speak with someone about this subject, there is always one extreme or another. There is NEVER anyone who seems to be in the middle or even undecided on this subject, as I guess it should be. I mean, how can you really be in the “middle” about this issue and, even more so, what would that even look like?!?

The reason for this topic is because I was recently in court, with my ex, and I found out that he is working at a new job that he2yrsCS never reported. This job change was actually disclosed to me through others who told me that he was actually working at a new company but since he hadn’t mentioned anything to me, I didn’t really think anything of it or try to make a big deal out of it. Needless to say, I have been getting only $150/month for the 4 children we have together. This was based on his extremely part-time nightclub/bouncer job and NOT his full-time VA hospital job. Because of things like this, this is why I feel the way I do about the courts and about non-custodial parents getting off scot-free.

How can you live with yourself, as a parent (man or woman), knowing you are able and should be contributing more to the care and financial well-being of your children but you choose not to??? That makes no sense to me.

deadbeatMaybe it’s just me, but I feel like when you have a child and the relationship between you and the other parent does not work out, you should still hold the other parent accountable for helping to provide financially for that child. Most of the time, this is the only way the non-custodial parent will still be involved in the life of the child because, from my own experience, most of the time they are not mature enough or available enough to parent the child consistently and be there emotionally and physically as well – so, in my opinion, the financial should be enforced if nothing else is. You did not lay down and make those babies by yourself and you should not have to care for them by yourself.

Now, I totally agree that child support is meant solely for the support of the children. I do not agree with parents who use the child support monies on themselves. I will never understand why some parents take what is rightfully due to their children and use it to pamper themselves with new hairdos, manicures/pedicures, new clothes, new shoes, etc. Why is that money wpid-real_man_quotes__05not going towards getting your child(ren) all of those things and more??? That is also something that I will probably never totally get.

I just feel like single parents sometimes get a bad wrap, especially single mothers who pursue getting child support. Many men feel that all women are doing the same thing and that they are all just misusing the child support monies and only pursuing these payments out of revenge. My grandmother said that there is always a little bit of truth in everything so I suppose there is some truth in how these men feel as well. However, I also know that there are women who work hard to provide for their children and sometimes, there are men in (or out) of the picture who do everything in their power to avoid paying child support. Or, as in my case, they don’t report additional income in an effort to avoid paying even more, in child support, than they want to pay. Either way it goes, it is foolishness and it is a true sign, in my opinion, of a deadbeat parent.

I wish more people would support those of us who do right by our children and with the child support that we do get and stop treating us as if we are ALL the same. News flash….we are NOT all the same! And that’s my two cents….

To reject or not to reject?

So, maybe it’s just me but have you ever told someone, as kind as you possibly could, that they were not “the One” for you and they just had a total meltdown?

54067-End-Of-A-RelationshipWell, I have some firsthand knowledge of this and it almost always goes the same way. Maybe the guy is either too wounded to really see how possessive and insecure he is (has been) and he pleads with you to stay without truly hearing your heart or he flips out, makes false accusations and tries to make you feel like you are making the biggest mistake of your life.

Ever experienced either of those two scenarios? I honestly don’t get either one. There are “plenty of fish in the sea,” as some say, and all of us can move on to other people, and relationships, that will cherish and love us for who we are without giving another solitude thought to the hurt that someone else may have bestowed upon us.

Rejection is not the end of the world and sometimes it’s not even rejection. Sometimes it’s just a mature person, understanding that a particular relationship is not going anywhere or bringing to their life the things that they desire, and so they make the choice to end things rather than leading the other person on and making things more difficult in the long run.

So, why do we get all hung up on the perceived rejection of others? And, more importantly, how do we get over it? I have my theory and I invite you to disagree or agree as you see fit.

Here are a few things that I feel we could all do to improve the way we address rejection and react to certain situations…


I, honestly, believe that we sometimes do not understand our worth. Many times when we are young, we feel we have our whole lives ahead of us and then something happens… we begin to get older, and life begins to feel like it’s getting shorter and shorter. This causes some of us to settle for less than we think, or God says, we deserve. I believe when you know your worth, you won’t settle but rather you will continue to go at it alone until the “right One” comes along, no matter how long that may take.


If we don’t regularly take a good look in the mirror, we can be deceived into thinking we are someone, or something, that we’re not. There are so many men, and women, in this world that just accept anything and behave as society dictates is okay and have lost the very essence of who they are as a result. They compromise their morals and disregard their beliefs but still think they are “good people” or “gentlemen & ladies”. Really? I’m sorry but last time I checked, being a gentleman (or a lady) meant that when you went out on a date you went without the expectation of, or even the insinuation of, receiving anything physical/ sexual in return.


When you are more concerned with living your life’s purpose and fulfilling your dreams, you really have no time to waste on people who may not understand or support where you are going (or where you desire to be someday). Because of this, it is so important that you know what you were put on this Earth to do and that you actually do it!


Truth is, if someone doesn’t want to be with you, you shouldn’t try and make them stay. They will only, in time, grow to resent you and all that you stand for. My grandmother always said, “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.” This simply meant that when someone shows you who they are and what they are all about, just know that this is their true nature, so don’t try to change them, just believe what they are showing you. You cannot be offended if you don’t take things personal, period. God is pointing out some things you may want to take a good look at and decide if this is the type of person you want to live with for a lifetime. If not, then be glad that you dodged a bullet and was shown some difficult things before you actually committed your time, effort, energy and life to this other person.


The right person will eventually come along. Whether that be a day or 50 years from now, they WILL present themselves and it’s up to you to be ready for them when they come. That means getting into a good situation and truly understanding who you are and what you want out of a relationship before you commit to being with someone else. This could also apply to non-romantic relationships as well because sometimes we have to end friendships and other relationships in our lives either because they’re toxic or unfulfilling or otherwise unhealthy for us to be in.

So, tell me… is it just me? What advice would you give to someone who has to make the difficult decision to end a relationship (whether it be romantic or a friendship)? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!