I Can’t Breathe


The recent headlines of young black men and boys dying at the hands of white police officers is astonishing to me. Recently, there was another African-American mother who came forth about her young son’s sudden death. Apparently, there was a call made to the Cleveland Police Department about a little boy who was in the park with a “gun”. This little boy, Tamir Rice, was only 12-years old and in the sixth grade. From the looks of the video, it seems that this officer was not informed, or simply did not care, that this was a call about a little boy and NOT a grown man. I say this because literally seconds after the officer arrived on the scene, he drew his gun, shot and killed young Tamir. All of this definitely has me asking what is really going on?

When is enough, enough? If people don’t wake up and realize that racism is still alive and well in America then they are doing themselves, and everyone around them, a great disservice. There is such a thing as white privilege and it is becoming more and more prevalent in this world that we live in. I love everyone and teach my children to do the same so there is no hate coming from here. Please hear my heart… There is something to be said when young black boys and men can have their lives taken without thought. This is a problem whether we want to admit to it or not. It’s sad to say but if these same things were happening to young white boys and men, this would not even be a conversation because it would have been addressed by now.

I think that before we can move forward as a country and as a people, we must first address the elephant in the room. It seems that no one wants to talk about this which is probably why, all across the world, many young people are protesting. There comes a time when change must happen and when that does not happen on it’s own, there are those who will make it happen. What I see is a reenactment of many a movements back in the days immediately following slavery. During the times of Civil Rights protests and Dr. King’s dream. Our young black mens’ dreams are dying right along with them and I do not understand how no one else sees this as a problem.

As the mother of 2 black sons, I am appalled at how careless these officers can be and still get away with it. They get to continue on with their lives while these young boys and men are gone, never to be able to laugh again, speak again, DREAM again. How is this okay? Why are more people not concerned about this? What makes it so that certain people’s lives are seen as more valuable than others? A change needs to come and I truly pray that it will come in my lifetime.


I’m Telling Your Mama!!!


Do your kids ever make you just want to pull your hair out? This is a very serious question by the way. This week alone my daughter’s school has had to call me, at work, to come to her school to bring her a change of clothes. Why, you say? Well, because she wants to leave out of the house dressed any type of way. Mind you, this is a little girl who is only 8 years old!!!!

I guess I need to start seeing if there is any way that I can go into work a half an hour to an hour later because obviously my sitter is not really checking my children before they leave for school in the morning. I have to be at work an hour before the kids leave out for school so I have a sitter who comes to the house to be there with my kids so I can get to work on time. She is a young college-aged girl and pretty responsible, from what I thought when I interviewed her. My kids love her and so do I but this past week has brought an issue to the surface that I didn’t know that we had. This issue of clothing and dressing appropriately.

Now, before you judge me, please listen to all of the facts. I do not go out buying my kids inappropriate attire. I am fairly modest and I dress my children in modest, yet also trendy ways, as well. However, we all know how kids can be, especially little girls. There have been times when I have thrown new clothes away and had to send one of my daughters back to their room, to change, because I noticed that one of them had decided to cut their pants up or do something else destructive (yet creative in their own minds) to look more “stylish” and to “fit in”. I was no angel when I was younger either but I think this is a different issue totally. Kids today definitely have it much harder than even my generation did when we were kids.

Celebrities – who are supposed to be “role-models” for our children – are talking about things and making it seem as if you have to wear a certain thing or look a certain way to be accepted. The media is presenting images and they are targeting our young girls more now than ever before in history. This whole world is being oversexualized. Our kids minds are being warped and their innocence is being taken away, little by little. I think it is an absolute shame.

If we don’t do something now to change this and teach our daughters that they are beautiful no matter what then we are going to have a bigger problem on our hands in the future. But this is not just something that we should be teaching our daughters because our sons also need to be taught to respect their mothers, sisters and any other women who may come into their lives. After all, we are raising young boys and girls who will become men and women someday. Something to think about…

So, what do you do when you have an issue with your child that you are not sure how to approach? How about your sitter or anyone else who is supposed to be a responsible adult in your child’s life?