Halloween Fashion

According to Daily News, seven of the top 15 Halloween costumes searched, this year, are related to movies. Looks like Frozen is number one on this list. TMNT came in at number eight. Despicable Me is still a contender at number twelve. While Maleficent and Monster High hold the number 13 and 14 spots, respectively.

Who is surprised that many little girls want to be Elsa from Frozen this year? I’m sure not. I was more surprised that none of my own daughters wanted to dress up as the popular ice queen this Halloween. Maybe I didn’t get the memo or maybe my kids just happen to be unique because none of them have chosen a costume that placed in the list of popular costumes of 2014.

We have a “Drama Queen”,  Imani

Briannaa “Fairy”,

a “Prize Fighter”, jordan

Janiya     a “Storybook Girl”,

and a baby “Tigger”. LaMichael

Yes, yes, I agree, that one is going to be pretty hard to beat for sure (and I will definitely try to upload some pictures of them over the weekend.). My oldest daughter tried to get me to dress up and then she tried negotiating with me to just wear some type of hat but she quickly lost that battle. I cannot remember the last time I actually dressed up for Halloween. Do you?

Maybe next year I will try to get into the “mood” of the holiday but right now, it is cold and nasty out, and I kind of am not looking forward to trick-or-treating this year. We usually have our own little traditions that we make up for holidays like this one, when we cannot or do not want to go out, but I think the kids are pretty sold on trick-or-treating this year, especially since we did not go last year because of how bad the weather was then as well.

What are your plans this evening? Dressing up? Going to a party? On candy duty? No matter what your plans are I just want to wish you all a Spook-tacular Halloween and a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Fashion”

  1. My teenager threw together an Olaf costume at the last minute: she was going to ballet class and needed something that she could move in, so she wore a white leotard, added three black circles, and wore her Olaf hat. (She saw this idea online.) My youngest son is dressing as Ron Weasley–probably the third or fourth time those Hogwarts robes have been used. I loved all the costumes you all put together! We have a similar Pooh costume, now retired to the attic.

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    1. Lol…I love it! Your daughter is creative. 🙂 Ron Weasley…someone likes Harry Potter, don’t they? 🙂 My oldest was having a hard time deciding this year. She didn’t want anything overly “girly” as she calls it but she couldn’t wear anything scary because of school policy, etc. She narrowed it down between a Pirate Princess (I like how that sounds too, lol) and the Drama Queen that she ended up going with. She’s more creative than I am, lol. Happy Halloween!

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  2. I love seeing everyone else’s costumes and all of the cute kids but I’m not that into the whole things myself. Am I weird? Haha!! My son was Elmo this year but he’s not even 2 so he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on lol! Let me know if you still want to guest post this week!

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