Apple, we have a problem!


We live in a world where we can no longer wait on anything. Fast food is not fast enough and, now, waiting in a line is no longer acceptable and is getting in the way of our “happiness” and becoming an inconvenience that we’d much rather skip. We are living up to the term “microwave generation” more and more with each day, week, month and year that passes. Instant gratification is what we are striving to have, at every turn, in every moment of our lives. Yet, this is making us a lazier, ungrateful and unappreciative society. It is sickening to think about especially when there are still parents that want to raise (and send out) well-rounded and decent human beings into this world.

I take it that most, if not all, of you have heard about the Apple Pay system that launched on October 20, 2014. This is a method of paying that is being marketed as a “breakthrough contactless mobile payment system” by the world’s leader in technology. However, it seems that Apple may have bitten off more than they can chew this time. Not only are companies rejecting this new way to pay but they are making their voices loud and heard over the issue. Among some of the companies, that are not happy campers with Apple’s new pay system, are: Wal-Mart and CVS/Rite Aid.

I have a bit of a problem with that word “contactless”. You may be asking yourself is this even possible? Yes, it is possible and yes, it is real. Not only is Apple saying that they are providing you with a new method for purchasing products but they are also allowing you to pay at the shelf and walk out with the item, without EVER having to stand in a line or engage a cashier (or anyone else for that matter) in the store. All with just a touch of your thumb you can pay for, pick up and walk out with the item(s) that you want. No more tussling through your purse or wallet, trying to find that card. No more dealing with anyone. Just pure, unadulterated convenience at its best.

Or is it? Is this really the direction that our world is going in? After all of the news about companies losing customer’s information what makes Apple think they have tapped into something that will be “safer”?

As a mother and a working individual, I am all for anything that will make my life a little bit easier. However, how much easier can it be before we cross into a realm of disdain for others? Isn’t this how machines start taking over things that able-bodied people used to be paid for? What is going to happen to the store clerk when he/she is no longer needed because there is no one coming through the checkout lines anymore so their skills are no longer needed and even less valued? What are we really teaching our children about money if they see us spending frivolously even when we know we don’t have the money in our account to cover the charges? As a nation, we are paying the banks billions of dollars in bounced check and overdraft fees. Call me crazy but I think that is just insane!

Maybe this is an old school way of thinking but I truly believe that there is something to be said when you use “real” money to pay for things. Like our grandparents did and their parents before that… Not only does it teach kids (and big kids in adult bodies) to “feel money”, but it also encourages them to delay gratification, helps them to understand what is more important and allows them to clarify a need versus a want. I am all for anything that will help us handle money in a responsible way, while also sending the message that debt is not your friend.

What’s your take on the Apple Pay system? Chime in with your thoughts, questions, viewpoint. Do you think this “new way to pay” is destined for greatness or doomed to fail? Does it make you think about, or rethink, how you handle money? Is it even really “new” at all?


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