Your vs. You’re


Okay, maybe it’s just me but does anyone else get frustrated and automatically want to correct someone else’s writing when they use the word “your” although you know that it clearly should be the word “you’re”? I mean, seriously, I feel like a fifth grade teacher grading a bad english paper when I read through some of the things that come up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I know some people just do it because of the convenience (and to save space, especially on Twitter) but I am convinced that some people are just stupid and don’t know the difference between the two. Maybe that’s a little harsh… (no hate mail please!)

If you’re one of those people that use bad grammar yourself, from time to time, but absolutely HATE when you see other people use it, you’re probably a bit of a control freak…kinda like I am. Join the club! 🙂 We have a problem too but we will not talk about that right now, lol. For all of you that don’t really know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, I will tell you so just keep reading.

The definition for the word “your” is: belonging to or associated with any person in general. It is a possessive pronoun meaning that it shows ownership. The word “you’re” means: you are. It is a contraction. A contraction – no, not those labor contractions that all of us who are mothers dread thinking about since we really don’t want to go down that road again, but the grammar lesson contraction that we learned about in elementary school – combines two words and is kind of like the abbreviated version of those words.

A wise woman once told me, “Once you know, you can NEVER go back to not knowing” (so don’t you even try!) For all of my grammar control freaks out there, let’s try to lighten up and put that red pen back in your purse…right now! And for my bad grammar users, let’s try to start posting things that make sense, at least every once in a while, so that everyone doesn’t wonder how in the world we made it out of the third grade!

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5 thoughts on “Your vs. You’re”

  1. It can really annoy me, I do know the difference and it irritates me more when I send a text etc. and use the wrong one but press send before I realise. Obviously most people don’t correct me but I know that I did it!

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