Halloween Fashion

According to Daily News, seven of the top 15 Halloween costumes searched, this year, are related to movies. Looks like Frozen is number one on this list. TMNT came in at number eight. Despicable Me is still a contender at number twelve. While Maleficent and Monster High hold the number 13 and 14 spots, respectively.

Who is surprised that many little girls want to be Elsa from Frozen this year? I’m sure not. I was more surprised that none of my own daughters wanted to dress up as the popular ice queen this Halloween. Maybe I didn’t get the memo or maybe my kids just happen to be unique because none of them have chosen a costume that placed in the list of popular costumes of 2014.

We have a “Drama Queen”,  Imani

Briannaa “Fairy”,

a “Prize Fighter”, jordan

Janiya     a “Storybook Girl”,

and a baby “Tigger”. LaMichael

Yes, yes, I agree, that one is going to be pretty hard to beat for sure (and I will definitely try to upload some pictures of them over the weekend.). My oldest daughter tried to get me to dress up and then she tried negotiating with me to just wear some type of hat but she quickly lost that battle. I cannot remember the last time I actually dressed up for Halloween. Do you?

Maybe next year I will try to get into the “mood” of the holiday but right now, it is cold and nasty out, and I kind of am not looking forward to trick-or-treating this year. We usually have our own little traditions that we make up for holidays like this one, when we cannot or do not want to go out, but I think the kids are pretty sold on trick-or-treating this year, especially since we did not go last year because of how bad the weather was then as well.

What are your plans this evening? Dressing up? Going to a party? On candy duty? No matter what your plans are I just want to wish you all a Spook-tacular Halloween and a wonderful weekend!


Apple, we have a problem!


We live in a world where we can no longer wait on anything. Fast food is not fast enough and, now, waiting in a line is no longer acceptable and is getting in the way of our “happiness” and becoming an inconvenience that we’d much rather skip. We are living up to the term “microwave generation” more and more with each day, week, month and year that passes. Instant gratification is what we are striving to have, at every turn, in every moment of our lives. Yet, this is making us a lazier, ungrateful and unappreciative society. It is sickening to think about especially when there are still parents that want to raise (and send out) well-rounded and decent human beings into this world.

I take it that most, if not all, of you have heard about the Apple Pay system that launched on October 20, 2014. This is a method of paying that is being marketed as a “breakthrough contactless mobile payment system” by the world’s leader in technology. However, it seems that Apple may have bitten off more than they can chew this time. Not only are companies rejecting this new way to pay but they are making their voices loud and heard over the issue. Among some of the companies, that are not happy campers with Apple’s new pay system, are: Wal-Mart and CVS/Rite Aid.

I have a bit of a problem with that word “contactless”. You may be asking yourself is this even possible? Yes, it is possible and yes, it is real. Not only is Apple saying that they are providing you with a new method for purchasing products but they are also allowing you to pay at the shelf and walk out with the item, without EVER having to stand in a line or engage a cashier (or anyone else for that matter) in the store. All with just a touch of your thumb you can pay for, pick up and walk out with the item(s) that you want. No more tussling through your purse or wallet, trying to find that card. No more dealing with anyone. Just pure, unadulterated convenience at its best.

Or is it? Is this really the direction that our world is going in? After all of the news about companies losing customer’s information what makes Apple think they have tapped into something that will be “safer”?

As a mother and a working individual, I am all for anything that will make my life a little bit easier. However, how much easier can it be before we cross into a realm of disdain for others? Isn’t this how machines start taking over things that able-bodied people used to be paid for? What is going to happen to the store clerk when he/she is no longer needed because there is no one coming through the checkout lines anymore so their skills are no longer needed and even less valued? What are we really teaching our children about money if they see us spending frivolously even when we know we don’t have the money in our account to cover the charges? As a nation, we are paying the banks billions of dollars in bounced check and overdraft fees. Call me crazy but I think that is just insane!

Maybe this is an old school way of thinking but I truly believe that there is something to be said when you use “real” money to pay for things. Like our grandparents did and their parents before that… Not only does it teach kids (and big kids in adult bodies) to “feel money”, but it also encourages them to delay gratification, helps them to understand what is more important and allows them to clarify a need versus a want. I am all for anything that will help us handle money in a responsible way, while also sending the message that debt is not your friend.

What’s your take on the Apple Pay system? Chime in with your thoughts, questions, viewpoint. Do you think this “new way to pay” is destined for greatness or doomed to fail? Does it make you think about, or rethink, how you handle money? Is it even really “new” at all?

Can you say fashion?


Happy Friday!!!

For our first Fashion Friday submission, I chose to go with a style that could work great in a variety of situations. Whether you’re going to work, off to an interview or just heading out for a date night with the hubby or beau…this look screams “I am woman, hear me roar!”

It is great for all seasons and can always be revised to mesh with your own personal style. Just pair this belted tan blouse and pencil skirt with a nice cardigan or blazer and you are good to go.

Not into high heels? Afraid you’re going to fall flat on your face? Not a problem. Add some flats or a low-heel shoe for a new style and extra comfort.

I personally believe that accessories can make or break any outfit so be sure to add accessories that work well for whatever the occasion and you’re sure to turn heads.

On a budget? Like this look? You can get it all for under $65 at Ross. One way to shop, even while on a budget is to check the clearance racks. I’ve found some pretty great pieces on the clearance racks especially after certain seasons and certain holidays, etc. Also, be sure to check Target, Kohl’s, J.C. Penney and your local department store for current sales.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and fashion advice. Happy Shopping!

No-Sleeve Belted Tan Blouse

Blue Jean Pencil Skirt

Golden Dangling Earrings

Gold Necklace with Diamond Studded Design

Golden Wrist Bangles

Brown Belted and Open-Toe Heels

Brown Bag


And the award goes to…


I was so humbled to hear that I had been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. I mean, really, I’m just a little ol’ lady, with a big dream, who loves to write (and blog) in my spare time. I was even more honored, and greatly encouraged, by the words of the phenomenal lady that nominated me.

She is an Airforce vet (so she already has a special place in my heart). Even more, she is probably one of the strongest women I know. Her blog is appropriately named The Crafty Lady in Combat Boots and trust me…you have got to check her out! She is very real and has a little bit of something for everyone.

So, in order to accept the award, you must:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the ‘One Lovely Blog’ logo to your post.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 Facts about Lil’ Ol’ Me:

1. I am extremely detail-oriented. (Like it is scary how many times I double and triple check things, even emails, before sending or saying it is finished.)

2. I speak two languages fluently and would like to learn a third.

3. I am an awesome singer. (Okay, that may be more of an opinion than a fact…should I let you decide?)

4. I have never been to Disney World but I always dream of going someday. (You know, not because I’m a big kid or anything. Just to see what all the hype is about.)

5. I have already cast the person that would play me if and when I ever get the privilege of having a documentary made of my life. (Is that too much?)

6. My primary love language is tied: Quality Time and Acts of Service. (Good to know, right?)

7. If I could have any super power in the world I would choose to have either: the ability to fly or telepathy. (Yeah, I’m still working on that one…)

My 7 nominees are…

Restored Ministries

Sappy As A Tree

Writer’s World (Thoughtful Minds United)

Muliebral Viewpoint

Living The Dream

Oxygen 4 The Journey

Slowly Treading Water

What’s Cooking – A Southern Favorite


Most of you know that I live in the North and was born on the West Coast. So why am I talking about a “Southern” favorite? Well, even though I have no ties to the South personally, other than when I lived in Georgia and Tennessee for a few years of my life, I love the slower pace of life experienced in the south and southern hospitality is simply the best. I could have been southern in another life! 🙂

Today is Wednesday and that means it is time to share some recipes…both that I have created myself and ones that I have gotten from places like the Food Network or family/friends and just “tweaked” them to my and my family’s liking. I love to cook so I usually have fun in the kitchen but I know this is not everyone’s strong point or passion. So, here are some tips to make cooking a little more fun…

1. Put on some music or talk radio… Whatever floats your boat. Make sure that it’s not too distracting so that you don’t get more engaged in the surroundings instead of the food itself but if you enjoy music, this could be key in helping to make the time you spend in the kitchen seem to fly by.

2. Wear an apron or chef’s hat… There is much truth behind the saying “When you look good, you feel good.” If you look the part, you just might end up getting into the “mood” of cooking. Hey, it’s worth a try.

3. Cook with a buddy… There is something magical that seems to happen when we do things with other people. Almost like a load lifting…and besides, it’s just more fun to do things with someone else. So, bring your kids, best friend, sibling, spouse or significant other into the kitchen with you and get cooking.

Those are just a few ideas and ways to make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

What are some ways that you make cooking fun at your house? If you tried any of my suggestions, how did these work for you?

Tonight I am cooking one of my children’s all time favorite meals. You probably already guessed it from the picture but yes, it is Chicken and Waffles. Not just any chicken though, it is Oven-Fried Chicken and Homemade Buttermilk Waffles.

I kind of cheated because I already made the chicken (got up early this morning and did that so that I wouldn’t have much left when I got home this evening) but I will let you know what I did from start to finish. Feel free to try the recipe and share whether or not you liked it or how you would “make it your own”. We’re all here to learn from each other so feel free to chime in.

Oven-Fried Chicken

TOTAL TIME (start to finish): 1 hr. 50 mins.
Total Prep: 1 hr. 10 mins (this includes letting the chicken sit)
Cook: 40 mins.
Yield: 6 servings
Cooking Level: Easy


  • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
  • 2 tablespoons mustard (Can also use hot or honey mustard)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 3 teaspoons salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper (plus additional for dredging)
  • 10 pieces of raw chicken (2 breasts, 2 legs, 2 thighs, and 4 wings; boneless or bone-in; or whatever your preference)
  • 1 1/2 cups unseasoned panko
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon MG chili powder (Use any one that you’d prefer)
  • Canola oil spray, as needed


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large bowl, whisk together the buttermilk, mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, 2 teaspoons salt and 1 teaspoon pepper until thoroughly combined. Add the chicken pieces and turn to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour (for more flavor let it sit overnight), turning chicken occasionally.
Combine the panko, all-purpose flour, smoked paprika, McCormick Gourmet chili powder and remaining 1/2 teaspoon pepper and 1 teaspoon salt in a large bowl. Remove the chicken from the marinade, allowing the excess to drip off. Add the chicken to the panko mixture and coat each piece thoroughly. Arrange the chicken on a wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet.
Spray the chicken pieces evenly with canola oil spray, then sprinkle with smoked paprika. Bake the chicken until its coating gets crispy and evenly brown. When an instant-read cooking thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the meat registers 160 degrees Fahrenheit (about 35 to 40 minutes depending on whether you are cooking in a gas or electric stove), you are done. Serve hot. Eat and enjoy! 🙂

Kids and Technology


The days of kids playing outside or making up games, on their own, to play with their siblings and friends are long gone. It is in this way that I, and many others, believe that our children’s creativity and imaginations are being stifled and, even worse, eliminated altogether.

We now live in a world that craves more and nothing is ever enough. Our 8, 10 and even 15-year old children throw temper-tantrums when we tell them that they are not getting that new video game. Children as young as 5-years old now have cell phones and they talk about other children, their age and older, whose parents have chosen not to buy them one. This is ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, technology is the way the world is going in and I am an advocate for our little ones staying knowledgeable and in the fast lane dealing with this. However, I also feel that it needs to be controlled because technology addiction, even among children, is a reality.

I began noticing this new form of “addiction” years ago but never actually experienced it myself until my now 10-year old daughter started to get a bit irritable just being around her siblings. One night, after slaving over a hot stove, I called the kids downstairs for dinner. I prepared their plates, sat them on the table and then stepped out of the kitchen for a moment to answer a call or send a work email, can’t remember which.

When I came back in and proceeded to sit down at the table, I noticed that there was no one at the table and that my children had each gotten their plates and went into the family room and other parts of the house. At this time, each of my children had hand-held video gaming devices, access to 2 laptops, tablets and a cell phone that the older girls each shared. This is when I realized that I had contributed to this because of my desire for my kids to not be “left out” and to be “in the know”. I was contributing to my children barely saying 2 words to each other, let alone myself, and I was not happy about this.

This family was becoming the family I grew up in as a child and it was not at all what I had envisioned for my family to be. I wanted to communicate with my children but I noticed that I had given up control and stop really even trying to have a relationship with my kids. I blamed it on the stress of being a single working mom and not having enough time and all these other things but I purposely allowed my children to become more engaged with gadgets than with having a real conversation with me and their siblings. When I began to own that…I was able to really move forward and make change happen.

The change did not happen overnight, not by a long shot. It happened slowly and sometimes I just wanted to give up and let the gadgets continue to have my children but I kept pushing forward. It probably would have been easier had I had someone in my corner, rooting me on and telling me that the end results would prove to be worth the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears”.

The main changes that I made were not that drastic. I didn’t take away and destroy all of the technology in my home or tell my children that they could not be on these objects. The only thing that really changed was the amount of time we used our gadgets each day. We established a couple of new “traditions” in our household. One was simply that, each night, we now sit down and eat dinner TOGETHER and we do not bring our cell phones, tablets, video games, laptops or any other form of technology to the table. This has helped us to be able to reconnect in numerous ways but, most importantly, has aided in how we communicate with one another and show our love and gratitude through our words.

The other “tradition” is that we take at least one day each week to not do anything more with technology than we need to. Most of the time this is a weekend day because during the week we all “need” technology in some way…whether it is my children who now have to research things online for certain projects and homework assignments or needing to respond to a last minute-urgent work email. There is almost no way to get around using technology during our week so we usually will keep Saturday or Sunday as our “No Technology Day” or severely limit the use of it for a few hours so that we can breathe, volunteer/serve, reconnect with each other and other people in our lives, and even do other things that we don’t get a chance to do when we are immersed in all of our technology.

This may or may not work for you and it may or may not be an issue for your family. If it isn’t, then congratulations for starting out on the right foot. You are among the few families that this has not become a problem for. However, if you or someone you know are struggling with technology addiction or if you would just like to learn more about this “new” mental illness, visit WebMD and HelpGuide.org for additional resources and information.



“The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments.”                 ~ Mad Magazine

That is so true for some of us, isn’t it? I know that I have been guilty of living this way. As many of you know, I am presently enrolled in a Dave Ramsey FPU course and I am just about able to call myself a “graduate” in a couple of weeks. I enrolled in this course not because I was in insurmountable debt or because of crisis but because I wanted to learn how to manage my money appropriately and even possibly to begin being able to save for my children’s college and my future as well.

Like many people, I did not grow up in a household where finances were taught (or much less talked about). All we knew, as kids, was that “money did not grow on trees.” We were also, regularly, given the speech before we went into any store, that we were “not getting anything so don’t even think about asking.” My mom used to like to tell us that she was broke, although she made more as a woman and a single parent than most women and men combined make when both are working, so it quickly became ingrained in our minds that there was no use in asking her to buy anything for us. This could have been good logic – or very poor logic – however, it accomplished what she wanted to accomplish and thus, we stopped asking mom for anything.

This type of teaching instilled a sort of ‘poor mentality’ in me as the years went by. I never saw my mother budgeting but I did always see her – and hear her – “robbing from Peter to pay Paul.” I grew up thinking this was okay and when it was time to think about college I already knew that there was no help coming from my parents.

This was also confirmed by both my mom and dad when I had gotten accepted at a number of my top choice schools and had finally chosen one only to get a letter in the mail, a few weeks before I was set to leave, stating that I still needed to pay my tuition and room and board – to which mom responded, I’m sorry but I cannot pay that for you.

At that point, my dreams of going to college were shattered since everywhere I applied said that my mother made too much and I didn’t qualify for financial aid. My only options were moving out, getting married, having kids or waiting until I would be able to file independently, without needing to use my mom’s income in my financial aid applications.

I think that was also when my life began to take a turn for the worse and spiraled out of control. Getting married young, having children right away and not having a real grasp on money or credit definitely did not help. My ex and I were both rather young and immature when it came to money. I was the saver but noticed how I began to succumb to pleasing my husband and felt like a “bad wife” every time I would get upset about him spending money that he and I both knew we did not have. We had a joint account but he also had a separate account, which I later found out about, that was used for his “extracurricular-extramarital activities”. Every time I even mentioned the word budget, you would think I had swore at him so, needless to say, we never had a budget for the entire time we were together. This proved to be ‘not so wise’ after going through not one, but two, evictions and a car repossession.

When he and I divorced I did have a hard time digging myself out of debt but I managed. I heard about the Dave Ramsey course and figured I could only go up from here, so I enrolled and for the very first time in my life, I learned how to make (and keep) a budget. A budget, unlike most people think, is not a restriction from doing fun things, in fact, you have to include some spending/pocket money and even money for entertainment or it will be like most diets that we never stick with because it’s too hard. It has been proven that withholding things from yourself and not allowing some things that you want (even if you don’t need them) very rarely works for anyone. A budget is a tool that is used to be able to “tell your money where to go and how to behave”.

The steps are pretty simple and if you get this down, I promise you, your entire attitude and view on money WILL eventually change for the better.

1. Gather all of your bills and sit at a table. Nothing can ever get done unless we make an effort to actually do it! So, even if you have to schedule a time to do your budget, make it happen. Mark it on the calendar, set a reminder in your phone, and commit to it.

2. Use a notebook or find some budgeting documents online. You can also use budgeting software but I would recommend you actually sit down and write out your first couple of budgets on paper. This way you get familiar with the process and actually think about what you are doing and why. It is also a good way to include your spouse (if you are married) and to include others who may have a hand in helping you with your budget but may not be as tech-savvy as you are. 🙂

3. Get to a zero-balance. No matter what, ensure that all of your income for that month is put in some category. For instance, if you make $3000/month but realize, after sitting down to plan your budget for the month, that you only have monthly expenses of $2000, find somewhere for that extra $1000 to go…it can be split up and used to give to someone in need, fund your retirement, pay on your debt, additional savings or even sat aside a bit of it for entertainment (if you want). Just make sure that in the end, your balance is “0”, this is what is known as a zero-based budget and it is what will help to keep you on track.

4. Be sure to keep receipts and track your spending.  You can use your checkbook for this or just write “Paid” and the amount directly next to each category on your budget sheet. This visual definitely helps to remain on track and is a great way to know what may change from month-to-month.

Some sample resources to help you get started with your budget:



I am changing my family’s legacy one step at a time and you can too. Not only is starting and keeping a budget a great way to know where your money is going but it is a great teaching tool for your children. I know that my older girls have already started doing their own budgets and even help me with the “family” budget from time to time. They get great joy out of being involved in this way and I am using it to show them how to manage money and also that nothing is impossible. Once I am completely debt-free (only have student loans left) this will not only be my victory but theirs as well and I expect they will be just as, if not more, excited and relieved as I will be. It will open up many doors and give us new opportunities to be able to do (and give) and I know all of the sacrifice and the “cutbacks” will all be worth it.

The ‘F’ Word


Yes, yes…. I know… it’s what you all have been waiting for. Someone get this lady a mic. It’s Fashion Friday!!! All things fashion for the working professional on down to the stylin’ and profilin’ tot and everyone in between. I won’t go into the entire spill this time but I will give you all a bit of my history with fashion.

I have always had a love for fashion. My motto is “If you look good, your feelings will usually line up accordingly.” With that said, I have, much like everyone else has, gone through a time when I just felt awkward in everything that I put on and didn’t feel “pretty”. You’ve had those days too, right? Come on…don’t leave me hanging!

Anyway, that period of time happened twice in my life…once when I was in my identity stage (between 12 and 14 years old) and the other happened since I’ve been an adult and a mom. Go figure… I have since learned what I like and what I look good in and vice versa but, believe you me, it wasn’t always easy to throw together an appropriate outfit for various events/engagements/situations. And yes, I had a little help, but now I am able to spot what looks good (not only on me but on my children as well) and take pride in being able to make multiple outfits out of a few pieces and I will show you how.

So, be sure to check back every Friday for our Fashion Friday updates, articles, make-up tips, style advice and much more. For all of my lovely Fashion-bloggers out there, let’s collaborate. Leave me a message here or email me at misssatomi1@gmail.com and let’s make this happen!

Looking forward to Friday fashion chats with you! 🙂

“All The Wrong Places” Book Tour


I don’t know how many of you have heard, or read, the book entitled “All the Wrong Places” but I would recommend reading it. I recently had the privilege of interviewing the wonderful author behind the book, Rebecca Fisher. Read below to see what she had to say…


ReNewedChick: Do you have any siblings?

Rebbca Fisher: I am the second born of four children, 2 boys, 2 girls.


RC: What was your childhood like? Did you grow up with both parents in the house? What kind of child were you?

RF: Our parents have been married 45 years, and while they struggled financially, my mom worked extra jobs tutoring and teaching piano to provide us a private-Christian education that I am very thankful for. I was a painfully shy child, but always loved music and books. Being an introvert, I always felt different and a little bit on the outside, like the one red m&m in a bowl of all green, never really fitting in with cliques and norms. Reading and music were a way to escape the awkwardness and difference and feel safe and a part of something.


RC: Where did you attend college?

RF: I attended our local university in Northridge, CA for my bachelor’s degree in English and later earned my master’s degree at National University in Education and English.


RC: How long were you a single mom? Was is by choice or circumstance?

RF: I was a single mom for six years, having left a marriage in order to provide a safer and more stable environment for myself and my daughter. That marriage had become toxic and dangerous, and while I sought help to try and fix it, it became clear that the safest and healthiest thing to do was leave it.


RC: When did you marry your husband?

RF: I remarried at 28, to a man who also had a daughter, making us a blended family overnight. And while it was difficult, and came with many high hurdles and opposition, we are going on ten years, stronger and more blended than I could have imagined. Had there been any weakness in our love and devotion to each other, we might not have made it.


RC: How did you know he was “the one”?

RF: I remember early on when we were dating, we were sitting on his loveseat together, upstairs in the loft watching a movie, when I was overcome with the realization that it was the first time I had ever felt comfortable just being myself – no pretending, no drama, just a calm sense of security, love and total acceptance and adoration of who I was, who he was. That hasn’t changed in ten years. I still feel that way sitting next to him anywhere, and I believe all of the hurdles and opposition has only magnified those feelings.


RC: Did you always want to write a book? If so, why and who inspired you to author a book?

RF: I have always been a storyteller and started writing stories as soon as I could put sentences together. I think the stories that touched me most and inspired me to write were Jane Eyre and Sherlock Holmes.  While they’re very different, they are both so rich in character, setting and the truths of life and love.


RC: Which did you find more difficult: writing the book or marketing it?

RF: While writing and marketing were both challenging, I would say writing the book took the most time, commitment and hard work. Writing a story from beginning to end that actually has a clear plot, rich characters and a meaningful message takes time and skill and determination. Sometimes I would get stuck, not knowing where the story needed to go to get to the next scene waiting in my mind, and I would have to let my characters lead me. Then there’s the editing, and more editing, and more editing and formatting and covers. But at the end, I have my story bound and in print to hopefully share with others who could benefit from an inspirational message of overcoming and new beginnings. Marketing is an endless and daunting task beyond my skill set, but luckily there are people out there who know what they’re doing to help me get my story out there.  I have relied on the skills of many people to try and get my story into the hands of readers.


RC: What is the best advice you received growing up?

RF: Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is that it’s none of my business what other people think of me.  This has been so useful in my relationships and interactions, but when applied to my writing, it reminds me that not everyone is going to like my writing and many may have some strong opinions about it, but it truly isn’t any of my business. My goal was to tell my story in the most creative, compelling and inspiring way I could. I feel I’ve done that, and worrying about what other people will think about it can’t help me share that message. I always feel so blessed and blown away when people write to me about taking anything positive and hopeful away from my story. I will focus on that.


RC: What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book (or two) some day?

RF: For those who dream of writing a book one day, I’d say that day is now. Dreaming won’t write the book, you will.  Sit down, open up a blank page and start writing. Don’t stop until every scene that’s crossed your mind and colored itself with meaning is on those pages. This is how ALL writers begin. We write. And we keep writing. And every doubt and fear you’ve had, we’ve had. Tell your story anyway and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from those who have done it.


Please support this amazing author. Tell your friends, family and coworkers. To learn more about Rebecca and her book, “All the Wrong Places”, visit her website.



What’s Cooking Wednesday

Continuing with our “alliteration theme” for each day of the week I have decided that Wednesdays will be the day that I will share some of my favorite foods and recipes. I love to cook and am always trying new recipes and revamping old ones to create something totally different so I want to share this with you.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with the thought of rushing home from work, to cook dinner for my family, only to find that I forgot to take anything out of the freezer. So, I will also be giving tips and tricks that I have found, and used, to make this area of my life a little easier.

If there is anything that you would like to know how to make or just need some ideas on foods to make for picky eaters, check back every Wednesday and check to see what’s on our menu. Also, feel free to send in your questions, comments and requests. I will do my best to get around to answering and posting on recipes that you all want (and need).

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I will make sure to include many of the traditional meal items that we love to make for Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years Day. However, I will also  be including tips on how to prepare meals in advance and get the most out of your time in the kitchen. There will also be many kid-friendly recipes that will allow you to bring the littlest of your little ones into the kitchen to assist you with the preparation and cooking/baking process.

I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait to get started!!! Be sure to check back as we will be kicking this off and starting fresh next week. Until next time…

Stay Phenomenal 🙂