I got 10 on it…

Top of the morning to ya!

Ok, maybe it’s not the ‘top of the morning’ but you get the idea. And whoever came up with that phrase? Anyway, this is my 10th blog post on here and I am like super duper excited. I have always had a passion for writing and have always wanted to share my life story with the world, in some way, and now, with the take off of social media, this is much more able to happen. Yay!

So, what shall I talk about? Decisions, decisions… I guess it’s only right to start by introducing you to myself, since I totally didn’t do that at the beginning, so here goes. Well, I am a 29 year old divorced female and single mother of 5…yes, you heard right F-I-V-E, 5 little ones and like Michelle Duggar says, “Yes, I gave birth to every one of them.” 🙂

I love to write, sing, learn, I’m all about family, love kids (not just my own) and I’m one of the biggest movie buffs you will probably ever meet in this lifetime. Anywho, enough about me, let me tell you about my brood. They range in age from 10 years to 3 months old, at the moment, and there is a set of multiples in the middle. (Yes, I wonder how I keep my sanity too.)

I live in a rural/city/suburban area (ok, you probably can tell that I don’t exactly know how to describe my town at the moment lol) and I love/hate it. I am your typical woman, in the fact that I wear make-up to hide my blemishes, wear spanx to hide (and hold up) everything else and am leaking breast milk as we speak, while at work (more on that later) 🙂 but I am NOT your typical woman, in the fact that I am very competitive, always give people more chances than they probably deserve and tend to be extremely okay with the thought of being a submissive wife to whomever is to be my future (and final) husband (more on that subject later too).

So, anyway, there is obviously so much more about me than I have shared here but let’s continue down this road together and hopefully you will see all the things that I haven’t shared in this initial introduction post. Can’t wait to begin this journey with you. Be sure to tell all your friends and leave comments as you see fit. Thank you all in advance for joining me and ask me anything…I’m happy to answer your questions.

Until next time…

Stay fierce!


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