Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

Wooo hooo! I have made it! I am alive and well and now on WordPress 🙂 All jokes aside though, I really am very happy to have found this site. My blogging is just getting underway and I am really starting to “come into my own” so I figured now was the time to start a blog on a more professional site, and one that could handle more content/posts.

As I sit here typing, I am reminded of the encouragement that I have received from various friends and family members who pushed me in this direction. I would never have started blogging if I didn’t have the support of these wonderful people who believed in a talent that I never realized I had and didn’t think I was that good at, for the most part. This proves to me that it is very important for us all to surround ourselves with people that “get us” and support us, no matter what. It is also great to have people in our lives that will tell us the tough things, you know, the things we don’t want to hear, especially when those things are vital to deciding which path to take.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I am here, ready to engage in this new community and dive right in to this vision. I hope that you will join me along the way as I share my life with you…from parenting, both failures and victories to relationships and and everything in-between. Be sure to check back often or even click on that ‘Follow Me’ button so that you can be sure to always get your daily dose of moi! 🙂 The best is yet to come! So until next time…

Stay Phenomenal,

ReNewed Chick


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